Up the hill backwards


1) David Bowie
Why: Two fucking decades of great music and each time he slid into a new style effortlessly
If Hendrix is god, Bowie is Jesus.

2) Jimmy Pardo
Why: Best conversationalist ever.
3) Maria Bamford
Why: we neurotic young women finally have someone funny and nice to look up to

4)Tim Burton
Why: Yes, he's somewhat one note with his themes, but damn it: he still loves what he does at age 50. Many have copied his cute dark style,but you don't mess with the motherfucking original

5) Jamie Hewlett
Why: He took every single thing that he ever loved be it music, tv or some stupid lil pop culture phenomonon and used them to make great things that others are influenced by

6) Jesse Thorn
Why: A young clean cutt looking young fellow who has a passion for hip hop, minature donkeys and baseball. I can get behind that.

7) Tim and Eric
Why: Not since Tank girl's Hewlett and Martin has there been such a gleefully insane childish pair.

Walden III Middle/High School (1999-2006)
University of Wisconsin Parkside (2006-now_
70s punk, 80s hardcore, adventure time, alan partridge, andrew daly, andy warhol, anglophilia, antique stores, arrested development (tv), arthur russell, av club, back to the future, bauhaus, beastie boys, beck, bjork, black flag, blackadder, bob dylan, bob odenkirk, brass eye, brian eno, butthole surfers, buzzcocks, calvin & hobbes, christmas ape, creative writing, dadaism, dan savage, danny elfman, dave foley in drag, david bowie, david cross, de la soul, dead kennedys, deltron 3030, depeche mode, dethklok, devo, dial m for murderousness, doctor who, douglas adams, dvd commentaries, dystopias, edward gorey, film, gay rights, get confident stupid, glam rock, gorillaz, grace jones, greil marcus, harry potter, human giant, husker du, iggy pop, imagination, jamie hewlett, japanese hardcore, jayne county, jhonen vasquez, jim gaffigan, jimi hendrix, jimmy pardo, john waters, jon hamm, jon stewart, jordan jesse go, joy division, kate bush, keith harring, kids in the hall, klaus nomi, lewis black, life in hell, literature, lord of the rings, lou reed, louis ck, mad men, maria bamford, mc5, mf doom, michel gondry, monty python, moral orel, mr. show, mystery science theater 3000, neil young, never not funny, new order, new york dolls, nick cave, nirvana, oingo boingo, patti smith, patton oswalt, paul rudd, pere ubu, pete and pete, peter gabriel, pil, pop art, professor horatio hufnagel, quentin tarantino, ramones, ren and stimpy, rocko's modern life, rocky horror, roxy music, saturday night live, sex pistols, sonic youth, sound of young america, spike jonze, stanley kubrick, strangers with candy, subcultures, t-rex, talking heads, tank girl, terry gilliam, the clash, the colbert report, the cramps, the daily show, the damned, the day today, the descendents, the far side, the germs, the mediocre journey, the misfits, the pogues, the runaways, the simpsons, the smiths, the soup, the state, the stooges, the velvet underground, the who, the young ones, tim and eric, tim burton, tom of finland, upright citizens brigade, vivienne westwood, x-ray spex