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Mar. 22nd, 2009

Okay, I may get slapped for this,but

In regards to Judd Apatow films: 40 year old virgin> Knocked up. Who's with me?

Mar. 20th, 2009

I've had dreams like this



Mar. 19th, 2009

All right,who remembers this?


I can't quite remember,but I may've been scared by the books with stalk eyes.

Mar. 17th, 2009


Okay, so here's an exchange between two leftists: a marxist and a writer for a gay website:


the marxist(Louis) claims the british gay rights activist, Paul Tatchell was in favor of the Iraq war when really, he was initally against the occupation, opting to support rebel groups in Iraq to overthrow Saddam,though he has seemed to go back and forth as seen here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Tatchell#The_Iraq_War

That said,Louis does seem to be quite judegemental towards this man:You can disagree with a person's personal beliefs and applaud their actions.

Mar. 16th, 2009

It's a lovely day,but

I decided to sleep in, I am up now.

I missed the chance to plan something with Mary cos she had off today and yesterday.


So without furter ado,I give you my mood asy expressed by J Church:

My favorite place:

Floyd calls me on the phone,
And I usually don't mind if he won't leave me alone,
But today has been a busy day if there is such a thing anyway,
My cats look bored,
They're hunting down flies on the kitchen floor,
The neighborhood isn't my favourite place any more
Maybe if I cut my hair,
I can fall into a new undiscovered despair,
I haven't got anything clean today to wear

One plus one - my cats look bored,
Two plus two - the kitchen floor,
Three plus three - my favourite place,
Four plus four - not any more

I've been gone for two months,
I'm out of touch, out of time, out of everyone,
Now I know that a weekend in Manila is not much fun
Now I'm back at home,
But I can't remember when I last felt so alone,
Misery calls every minute on the telephone

One plus one - been gone two months,
Two plus two - I'm out of touch,
Three plus three - my VJ's gone,
Four plus four - not very fun

I may be home,
But if you'd please leave your message at the sound of the tone,
Excuse me for my fear of the telephone
My house, my tomb,
I can't even write a song about sitting in my room,
There's no room to sit, I just wait in apprehensive gloom

One plus one - I may be home,
Two plus two - the sound, the tone,
Three plus three - excuse my fear,
Four plus four - the telephone

One plus one - I may be home,
Two plus two - the sound, the tone,
Three plus three - excuse my fear,
Four plus four, four, four

One plus one - I may be home,
Two plus two - the sound, the tone,
Three plus three - excuse my fear,
Four plus four - the telephone

Mar. 15th, 2009


Guitar Hero world tour:Great game or Greatest game?

Mar. 13th, 2009

Spring break wooo!

So I watched the Kramer/Stewart interview and it was really uncomfortable, not in a schandenfruede, good way though; Kramer seemed like a friendly guy in general who finally realized his errors. I just hope this ends well. 

In other news, is Identity a kickass song or what?

Inspired by pop-punk

here: http://artpad.art.com/?kggjxniefas

because I'm bored

the dumb life soundtrack meme

Opening Credits: Do the Strand-Roxy Music (O boy! It's gonna be like the great gatsby!)
Waking up: Ask-the Smiths(Oh yes,this is definitely going to be  Gatsby-esque..and sexually kinky)
First Day at School: I don't wanna be learned/I don't wanna be taemed-Ramones(maybe not)
Falling in Love: Revenge-Black Flag(Mmm..bitter pleasure out of a mutual hatred)
Fight Song: Jack-Ass-Beck(kind of a bitter,cowboy type of sound) 
Breaking Up: The Crowd-Operation Ivy ( ?)
Prom: Sugar Kane-Sonic Youth(Nice!)
Life Day of the Lords-Joy Division(sad..)
Mental Breakdown: Good Feeling-Violent Femmes(irony? why,yes)
Driving: Car thief-Beastie Boys(hhahhaha)
Flashback:Fuunnn-Be Your Own Pet(this film's very schizophrenic,sad and then insanely happy)
Wedding: Macsochism world-Husker Du(BWAHAHAH)
Birth of child:Clampdown-The Clash( again ?)
Final Battle: Heaven-Talking Heads(so I'm some type of martyr going to a heaven where the same  thing repeats over and over? )
Death Scene: Buddy Holly-Weezer(ARGHH! Three ? songs! Three!!)
Funeral Scene: What Goes On-Velvet Underground(All right,sure, why not?Nice cryptic, dark feel  )
End Credits: Blue suede shoes--Carl Perkins(annnnd straight back into the weirdness)

Bedtime thought: Why does mid-90s Rivers Como have to be such an asshole but so fucking handsome?
P.S. I bet El Scorcho's a great drunk sing-a-long

Mar. 12th, 2009

Writer's Block: It's the Little Things

What's a little thing you do every day that brightens the lives of those around you?
I hold doors open for people when  need be, I say please and thank you, and tell people to have a nice day. You know,everyday courtesy.

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