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This pisses me off

it's three years old,but: http://louisproyect.wordpress.com/2006/12/15/munich/

Why's he mad at Spielberg? He has a jewish heritage so obviously, Munich,like Schindler's list is an exploration of his past and identity. Why are far left people allowed to object to people grouping the Palestinians and Hamas,but they group the Israelis together with the government?


I thought it was a powerful movie, but I was dismayed at the horrible historical inaccuracies. I just wish Spielberg had shown what it was really like.
What types of inaccuracies?
Well, the entire methodology used by the Mossad agents in the film is completely different from how it actually happened. Moreover, the idea that there was just this one team out there is completely false. Also, the whole thing about keeping receipts is just an extension of an urban legend about how they were finally outed.

To be honest, the only thing in the film that was at all accurate was that the Munich murders occurred, and there were Mossad agents hunting down the perpetrators. Everything else was just a fiction based on this one book, whose title I can't recall at the moment.

In reality, every time they tracked down one of the people responsible, they looked them in the eye and asked them if they knew why they were there, made sure it was the right person, then shot them. No bombs were used because of the possibility of collateral damage.
what were these reciepts?
In the movie, they were supposed to keep receipts for all their transactions. There's a story that says one group of agents were caught when they left a few at a coffee shop, or something like that.